New York Times, 11-20-17

from Kate Taylor: “Disrupting the World of Private Schools with Tech and Guinea Pigs”


Personification / Allegory – Mayhem


Whether this is personification or allegory (or both?) I’ll let you all debate and decide. Seems an interesting potential example of both. I suppose my preferred interpretation is as a visual allegory, a la Ripa: what would a visual representation of Mayhem look like / include? This answers the question less in inert physical form and in more dynamic video form but nonetheless seems to do so.

Transferred Epithet – Diabetic Sock Sale


I went back and forth on whether or not this was actually a transferred epithet. (In the end, because it’s here, I decided that it was.) It’s the word ‘crew’ that throws things off; if it were just ‘Diabetic Socks’, then it would definitely be a transferred epithet. But the double adjective isolates ‘Diabetic’ more and so suggests more ambiguity: socks for diabetics? still a transferred epithet? probably, but less definitively.